In my creative practice, I understand artefacts as vehicle, will it be for narrative, fictional or functional purposes. 

These artefacts are mostly handmade, out of ceramic, scent, wood, paper, resins, etc. that I make myself from scratch. They often result from a discursive working process, where I overlay layers of meanings, of biographic, social or historical references. These artefacts are then for me discursive objects, that has something to tell, to elicit, to translate, to transmit. My work aims to trigger our senses, our memories and imaginaries.

I like to explore eclectic thematic such as our relation to daily mundane objects and habits, artisan perfumery and olfactory art, ancient and niche handcraft skills, plants and botanic or culinary culture. In the prospect, I seek to work and collaborate with craftswo*mans, designers, artisans, specialists that hold very specific know-how and skills, were both parties can benefit from mutual enriching exchanges.

I am also a trends researcher.

My interest for cultural studies, speculative design and sensory studies pushed me to complete my curriculum with a second MA in trends forecast and future studies from the Trends&Identity department of the Zürich University of the Arts, Switzerland.

Prior to this I earned a BA in applied arts and MA in design from the Beaux-Arts school of Angers, France. My current focus lies on the demographic change, dementia and trends related to olfaction and scents. This unique array of knowledge allows me to work from the big picture to the smallest details, with a humble and responsible sight on social relevance and future trends.

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